PotentiaMetrics Outcomes and Insights Platform

True personalization is the future of technology. Our cloud-based data and analytics platform supports systematic comparisons of results and creates a coherent vision to support learning, improvement, informed decisions and outcomes. Our platform has three vital engines that are responsible for analyzing outcomes and developing insights:

PotentiaMetrics Andromeda

PotentiaMetrics Outcomes Data Cloud

PotentiaMetrics Polaris

PotentiaMetrics Outcomes and Insights Platform


Andromeda is an outcomes platform that collects, integrates, and fuses data into valuable, high-quality outcomes registries. The resulting Outcomes Data Cloud is a valuable repository that contains a proprietary multi-institutional outcomes registry including treatment and outcomes information for diverse groups. The data is continuously enhanced to provide the necessary data for valid, credible comparative effectiveness, personalized decisions and predictive analytics.

We access and collect unique, high-quality data

The collection of high-value datasets that support comparative analysis is a fundamental component of our business.

Integrate it into a single source  

Combining technical and business processes and data from disparate sources into a single source of information.

Fuse the data into a consistent structure

Fusing data from multiple sources collected across sites of care into a consistent structure and ontology to generate more meaningful information of greater value than a single source data.


Outcomes Data Cloud

After we collect, integrate, and fuse data into outcomes information, the platform stores those outcomes in our Outcomes Data cloud. This repository, with its rich information, feeds the next engine, PotentiaMetrics Polaris, which focuses on insights.



Polaris is an insights platform leveraging advanced analytics applications to support personalized and predictive decisions. Polaris uses massive-scale data processing techniques, leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to unlock the knowledge stored in large outcomes-based datasets. The platform is highly adaptable and incorporates proprietary analytical models. Customers use the tools to support systematic comparisons of results to measure performance, support learning and improvement.

Employing data sciences for discovery

Employing algorithmic and mathematical computations to answer clearly defined problems, questions and hypotheses using clearly identified data elements.

Engaging decision sciences to reveal insights

Integrating and building on data sciences by adding the interdisciplinary application of clinical, economic, mathematical, technological, design thinking and behavioral sciences to enable better decisions for problems where the factors affecting the problem are less defined and complex.

Delivering insight through visual analysis and reporting solutions

Outcomes reporting is delivered with sophistication, care and understanding through a variety of integrated applications and reporting solutions.