MyPROSE (My Patient Reported Outcomes and Shared Experience) platform is an electronic record of your personal journey intended to help you navigate complex medical diagnoses and treatment. The amount of information you receive can be overwhelming, often involving many doctors, multiple types of treatment, and numerous medications. The MyPROSE journal was designed to help you navigate this process by safely, securely and conveniently storing the important details of your diagnosis, treatment plans, and outcomes experience that defines your unique journey.

What makes MyPROSE Different?

MyPROSE is not a survey tool. MyPROSE is a purpose-built assistant to help patients and caregivers record information throughout their journey — from diagnosis and treatment through survivorship — and share it with others.

  • Our team of experts work with you to assess your needs and create personalized questionnaires and timelines to best serve your goals.

    The PotentiaMetrics team has decades of experience with clinical data. We craft personalized and targeted questionnaires to meet your organization’s needs. But we don’t stop there. We also help you analyze and leverage your data to uncover meaningful insights that empower you make meaningful clinical, business and quality of life decisions.

  • We ask the right questions at the right time

    We don’t overload patients with irrelevant questions. Our intelligent system asks purposeful relevant questions and avoids redundancy, rabbit trails, circular conversations, and dead ends. Our goal is to create a meaningful trickle of data which results in actionable intelligence. We designed our tool to ask only a few deeply significant questions at a time.

  • Our tool is flexible and ready to integrate

    MyPROSE supports multiple question endpoints, supporting interactions with patients wherever they are, in the most convenient way for them. Interact via tablet, phone, web browser, SMS texting, or Facebook Messenger.

    We use proprietary scripting language for nearly unbounded flexibility in encoding branching logic into patient interactions.

  • MyPROSE is HIPPAA compliant

    Your privacy matters to us. That’s why we store your data in our secure cloud data vault and all app activity is recorded and auditable.

  • We offer live support to both patients and administrators using the tool

    Our team is dedicated to providing the support and customization your organization and patients need.