Analytics as a Service (AaaS)
& Consulting Services

Our team possesses deep healthcare clinical, industry, and technical expertise and understands underlying economics, customer needs, and competitive dynamics. We provide access to multiple sources of data to support comparisons and predictive and prescriptive health insights. 

Our advanced population health analytics models define health services utilization, patient outcomes, and economic outcomes over the healthcare continuum. We analyze each perspective within the healthcare continuum to support improved clinical and economic outcomes with a measurable return on investment.

We provide cloud-based or will deploy on your systems.  We engage in projects and ongoing analytics solutions.  

Types of analysis 

  • Descriptive analysis, which examines and describes something that’s already happened
  • Diagnostic analysis, which seeks to understand the cause of an event
  • Predictive analysis, which explores historical data, past trends, and assumptions to answer questions about the future
  • Prescriptive analysis, which identifies specific action an individual or organization can take to reach future outcomes or goals

Capture, Integrate Data to Enhance the Evidence

  • Access clinically rich multi-institutional real-world outcomes data 
  • Unique longitudinal patient-reported outcomes tools (PRO) and data capture, including functioning and quality of life
  • Large enough samples to uncover risk-adjusted insights at the patient level 
  • Solutions that combine and analyze clinical data registry with claims, and other data

Employ Data Science to Uncover Insights

  • Individualized insights, derived from externally validated data analysis platforms 
  • Comparative effectiveness research (CER) 
  • Risk-adjusted outcomes and costs by procedure, provider, performance transparency
  • Member population analysis, market identification
  • Identify cost for care across the continuum and its drivers  
  • Network assessment, identify high-value providers and systems
  • A better understanding of cost, lessen waste or inappropriate utilization, compare local and national outcomes

Define Outcomes Measures, Incentive Design, and Reporting 

  • Next generation outcomes metrics, disease management 
  • Health risk stratification
  • Risk-adjusted outcomes information for Comparative Effectiveness & QA/QI Quality Improvement (QI)
  • Support value-based care, at-risk contract metrics determination
  • Outcomes-based compensation, incentives tied to individual outcomes not limited to compliance/adherence
  • Longitudinal outcomes tracking 
  • Precision performance metrics, survival, clinical response, events of interest, resource utilization
  • Outcomes-based reporting, adjudication, compensation

Cultivate Learning Systems 

  • Support informed, shared-decision making, personalized treatment, improved adherence, and outcomes
  • Uncover personalized insights, Identification of various subpopulations with different needs
  • Predict high-risk patients and avoid high-cost events
  • Support informed, shared-decision making, personalized treatment, improved adherence, outcomes
  • Reduce procedures, claims paid, complications, 
  • Improved management of end of life care
  • Increase patient and provider satisfaction
  • Benchmarking, risk-adjusted clinical & economic outcomes, volumes, and other key metrics

Support of Healthcare Reform

  • Healthcare reform, innovation including outcomes and price transparency 
  • Meet Value-Based Care (VBC) requirements
  • Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
  • Measure Development Plan (MDP)
  • Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs)
  • Bundled payment management
  • Coordination of information across boundaries to share care, accountability & risk
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